Working with musicians and music students - my special aspiration 


Being a musician as well as a Gestalt coach, I love working with my fellow musicians to help them get over professional pressures, f.e. stage fright, release perfectionism etc. 


Musicians are hard working professionals. We practise our instruments many hours a day, as students we receive an excellent education where we learn all about our instruments, about music in general, about how to perform. We realize that our future is all but certain and we don't earn lots of money - if any - but yet we stive for the best possible performance.


But how about your personal well-being? How and where do you learn to deal with the stress of performing and all the other professional 'indirect' matters that make life as a musician so challenging?

Strangely enough we are taught many great things, but generally not so much about this aspect of our profession. 


If you suffer from stage fright or other professonal issues to an extent that you have lost your enjoyment of what once was your passion - what do you do?

If what you have done so far to deal with this hasn't helped,


wouldn't you like to be taken by the hand to find out how to regain your passion, 

by someone who who knows the music world inside out and can give you an alternative?


By combining my expertise as a musician and a coach, I offer you the space, time and my dedication to reserach your obstacles and help you to transform them, so that their energy will serve you instead of be in your way.

You'll get (back) in touch with your unique incentive to play music, you will gain a steady ground upon which you'll be able to express yourself with new confidence, freedom and joy.

Yes, it is possible.





I offer individual, group and ensemble coaching. 

Do contact me at the contact page, or at or at 06-47976767 for details and price info.


I offer special student rates for conservatory students so please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Money shouldn't be the reason to refrain yourself from the guidance you need.




Gestaltpraktijk Jacqueline Sorel
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